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Kidney disease is an epidemic and is expecting to affect more people. At present millions of people suffer from kidney disease. In India annually million people are affected by kidney diseases. There is a huge list of causes of kidney diseases including diabetes, hypertension, infections, stone diseases etc. In many of the kidney disease they are treatable. In many of the patients the disease can be stopped from progressing to late stages of kidney diseases. Due to lack of awareness and acknowledgement of disease patients don’t even see a kidney specialist in their lifetime.Unfortunately, as the natural deterioration of kidney disease keeps taking place and the suffering person ends up in late stages of kidney disease and sometime dialysis. The unfortunate suffering doesn’t just end at this point. In fact, many patients actually doesn’t have proper scientific information about the best form of care and treatment available for patients with kidney diseases. Our goal is to give best scientific and informed treatment to the people suffering from kidney and related diseases. We are a group of doctors dedicated to providing the best of care, knowledge and support to the people affected with kidney disease.


About Us

We are a registered group of doctors working around the world for the betterment of health. Our primary aim is to provide comprehensive health care to everyone at save kidneys in Kolkata.

Dr. Sunil Kumar a nephrologist & kidney transplant physician in Kolkata currently working with the Multi reputed hospital with Narayan group of hospitals. He completed his education from premier medical colleges in Delhi than moved to Kolkata. He has 15 years of vast experience in health care. He has published many research papers and review articles in various journals. His keen interest is in medical management of kidney diseases, kidney transplantation, renal replacement therapy, Hemodialysis, Hypertension, Diabetic Kidney Diseases Etc.

The save kidneys in Kolkata has a vision is a world where no one suffers from kidney disease anymore. To achieve that we believe that every person at risk for kidney disease should be educated to prevent the illness and those already diagnosed with kidney disease should have access to best of health care and latest knowledge of his ailments and options available. Our mission is to help people have best of knowledge about their absolute health and kidney, fight kidney disease and live healthier lives. We intend to fulfill that mission by making the patient understand the details of his or her health status and providing a complete spectrum of programs and services for betterment of health and than let them choose the treatment options from a bucket a of choices available.

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